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Ruby on Rails

We'll install Ruby, Nginx, Passenger, Postgres and more for you in just a few minutes. No more fiddling with setting up the right tools for production.




Send and receive realtime messages to users with built-in support for ActionCable running on your local Redis server. No need to configure a thing.

Automatic Databases

Each app you deploy automatically provisions a new Postgres user, password, and database so you can immediately deploy without any fiddling.


Capistrano official

Capistrano Compatible

Setting up your Capistrano configs can be tricky sometimes. We generate them for you so you can simply drop them in into your git repo and start deploying without the hassle.

Environment Variables

Hate dealing with environment variables on your server? We've got you. Just edit them in our web interface and we'll update your server and restart your app to make them take effect.

Environment variables


Secure By Default

Every server we configure for you includes SSH and firewall security out of the box. You even get automatic security updates installed regularly for you.

Deploy to your own SSD cloud servers in minutes

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Flat, fixed pricing

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